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The motto in my personal & professional life:


"Accept, Adapt & Overcome by Improvising."
As I say this mantra, I ground myself in the present moment.


-The Road Not Taken/Robert Frost

Ally has led workshops and spoke in conferences like The Self-Publishing University and the Business Women's Council, among others.  She was interviewed by the Cosmoprof, ITL, and Radio USAL. 

Currently, she is at the final editing stage of her debut novel and writes blogs on entrepreneurship, success, and personal growth, sharing her golden insights based on vast experience and research. 

Ally is a lover of dogs, nature, and lives in Israel. 

Ally (A-ya-la) Gilboa is a writer, entrepreneur, speaker, and the founder of A.Q Group- Language Solutions, serving clients on a global scale. As an expert in translation and localization, for the past 25 years, Ally has helped entrepreneurs and authors expand globally by translating and sharing their stories in foreign languages. 

She is a researcher and has written focus articles on languages, tech, and business for MultiLingual Magazine,
The National Chinese newspaper, Chambers of Commerce, and other online/print publications.

Helping women and providing support is part of the AQ Group's business model whereby we provide free translation services to non-profit organizations such as Translators Without Borders (TWB), the Duchene Disease Association, and various breast cancer organizations.
Ally holds a Master of Arts, specializes in reading disabilities from the University of Derby, and a Bachelor of Social Sciences from The Open University, Tel Aviv with certification in EFL/ESL and Creative Writing.

For 20 years, Ally has also worked as a volunteer and as a mentor, teaching English to disabled students. She is happy to empower children at-risk, using her skills and experience in EFL teaching. 


Her last innovative research in Translation and Cultural Sustainability was published worldwide in 2019 with other great studies by The University of Salamanca.


"Two roads diverged...
I took the one less
traveled by,
And that has made

all the difference."

"The Road not Taken"

- Robert Frost


Effective Communication with a Smile

Can Open Any Door.

~ Ally

Official Bio

Ally is the founder & CEO of AQ- Group- Language Solutions which she has nurtured for more than 25 years with proven experience in leading company growth, broad initiative implementation and successfully executing annual work plans.

She has been working as a ghostwriter, behind the scenes, with public figures, startups, and authors, helping them to convey a clear message in different languages. 

With her natural leadership, she inspires her colleagues and partners by bringing a creative and commercial mindset to the table.
Her quality of work has been recognized by her clients who trust her and know they can count on her expertise to get the work done and delivered on time.


Areas of expertisePersonal interests

Professional Expertise
Translations, Transcreation, Global Content Marketing, blogging,

IMC - Integrated Marketing Communications, Developing & Delivering key messages.

Personal Interests

Nature & Pets | Art & Lifestyle | Books & Movies

Traveling | Swimming & Hiking | Coffee & Wine 

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