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Published, Oct 2019

Translation and cultural sustainability.

Published by
The University of Salamanca

Brief description of this book:

The work is articulated in three great conceptual pillars. The first is called Substrate, where we focus on the disciplines that make up the basis of the translation activity: the target language (in our case, Spanish), foreign languages, terminology, documentation, applied technologies, etc. 
The second, Fundamentals, allows us to reflect on the different epistemological models that underlie the translation activity, to open the door to the different schools, perspectives, and points of view that have translation and interpretation as an object of study: its complex and diverse nature, its objectives and even its role in society. The third-part identifies the Applications: referring to the different areas of professional practice linked to translation and interpretation.

The Translator's Objectivity

by Ally Gilboa 

A collective eye-opening study has resulted after 2 years of in-depth, extensive research with a vast number of subjects-translators - from various languages and different text types- way beyond expectations. 

"Ally's research on translation, interpretation, and sustainability plays a very significant role as it deals with its objectives, complexity, and diverse nature of the world of translation."

'Think and wonder,  wonder and think.'

- Dr. Suess


Coming Soon!
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