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Translation and Cultural Sustainability:

Substrate, Foundations and Applications



Today, with the acceleration of globalization, there is a growing demand for translations on various inter-national issues requiring a unique multicultural translation tailored to each audience in its target language. Complications arise particularly in the literary and media fields in sensitive areas such as the Middle East.

The main purpose of this paper is to show how translators deal with the objectivity of literary and media translation when it contradicts their personal values. The proposal shows data and findings collected through case studies, and interviews with the translators in the field and analyzed according to the «Grounded Theory» model and the «Integrated Approach» based on the Gestalt principle.

Research findings show some factors that influence the translator's work and his objectivity. In conclusion, the translator has to learn how to maintain objectivity and keep his own personal values at bay during the process of translation.

Key words: translator, objectivity, culture, literary, translation.

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