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Top 5 Walt Disney Quotes to Inspire You to Follow your Big Dream

The story of Walt Disney always fascinated me because he was a big dreamer and his fantasy became a reality.

Image: Alexas Fotos/Pixabay Although Walt Disney died 54 years ago, his legacy lives on, and generations of children worldwide have grown up watching his animated classics, including Cinderella, Snow White, the Seven Dwarfs, Mary Poppins, Winnie the Pooh, The Lion King, and many more.

Walt Disney is the creator of Mickey Mouse- the world's most famous mouse - and many other great characters who remain forever young and to this day scatter the magic powder on children and adults.

Disney's magic is unique as it's difficult to imagine that all of its meteoric success began in one man with a big dream.

He pursued his passion with a lot of determination and perseverance and never let the doubters stop him from chasing and fulfill his crazy imagination.

Image:Rudy and Peter Skitterians/Pixabay

The fantasy and creativity that stem from his classics inspire many storytellers and copywriters.

The Disney Company also has a significant impact on worldwide leadership.

According to the Company's website, Disney named America's Most Reputable Company. Disney earned this by proving good citizenship, efforts, exceptional business performance, world-class theme park experiences, and innovative storytelling.

Image: Chris Flynn/Pixabay


Throughout the years, the Company keeps protecting its very positive and strong global brand, which maintains its leadership power in the world of entertainment and business.

Walt Disney created one of the world's iconic entertainment brands thanks to a commitment to quality, consistency, and above all, to the customer's experience.

The Disney Institute, an arm of The Walt Disney Company, delivers leadership training to many corporates, companies, organizations, and individuals interested in exploring Disney's success and learning about his leadership approach.

Tinn, a senior business facilitator with the Disney Institute, explained that one of the fundamental tenets of Disney's approach is that "leaders establish, operationalize and sustain the values and vision by which their organizations thrive."

Tinn also noted that contrary to what the dictionary says, leadership isn't a noun; it's a verb.

Those who hold themselves out as leaders, he said, have to take action; they have to "operationalize and sustain" their Company's vision and values and also to instill in every employee a common purpose.

Interesting research on the subject: "The Most Powerful Mouse in the World: The Globalization of the Disney Brand," (2014), by Robbins, Michaela J. /University of Tennessee, provides some remarkable factors that well explain how the Disney Company's global brand has maintained its strong position and made a huge impact around the world:

1/ The innovative, advanced technology with immense imagination enabled them to entertain children and families worldwide.

2/ Disney's brand elicits lots of magic, emotions, and good memories among children and adults alike. That is a valuable, long-term asset that helped the Company promote its products successfully.


3/ The Disney Company holds a positive global brand because it has cultivated a high customer service brand with family values relating to kindness, community, optimism, innovation, quality, storytelling, and others that speak to both children and adults.

4/ The Company nurtures great connections with charities to support children.

5/ At their theme parks, Disney pays excellent attention to entertainment and customer service. The corporate culture at Disney is treating the guests like royalty. 6/ Disney uses its brand name with its characters on key cultural objects, including books, toys, clothes, jewelry, and promotes them in each holiday and season to present an important theme.

Image: Bishnu Sarangi/Pixabay

Disney knew that inside every grown-up, there is a child longing to dream freely again.

His magical world has affected many people around the world with his creativity and uncompromising entrepreneurial spirit that has also taught the world of entrepreneurship about dreams and their fulfillment.

Are you one of the children that have grown up with all of the Disney movies? Keep following your dream! Ally.

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