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The Power of Humor in Marketing Content

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

“Humor, when executed properly, helps cut through the noise and helps you stand out." ~ Tim Washer

Marketing Content + Humor = More Customers

Professional content needs to serve the brand purpose, to stimulate action, and grab conversions.

Every content contains components such as: fresh & valuable information, facts, interesting news about the topic, expert opinions, use of humor, examples, icons or images for associations, which can serve the main purpose of the content. But humor or funny stuff can significantly upgrade your content.

Using humor in marketing content is one of the best ways to trigger your target audience and move them toward the path of conversion because it makes the content unforgettable!

Why Use Humor in Your Marketing Content

The main reason is to make sure your marketing message noticed. There are three stages in conveying any message: Attract, Engage & Convert.

Using humor to deliver your message is better and more interesting than a plain, dry blog. I call it using fresh and unique herbs that spice up your dish - making it tastier. It attracts your audience and make your blog readable. According to researchers, an audience typically remembers only 10% of content, while 90% is completely erased from his memory.

That kind of content catches more interest immediately. The idea is to make valuable information combines with a slight touch of humor making your content more memorable.

So, as a marketer always keep in mind:

  • Humor stays in consumers mind and keeps them aware of the message that you want to convey.

  • Add some life and laughter to your dry messages or creative presentations.

How to Use humor in Professional Business Content

You can attract your target audience and maximize the effectiveness of your message by creative thinking humor to draw the attention of your potential market and to make your brand remain in their mind for a long time.

Nowadays, the transmission of messages through the various social media enables sharing this type of information, generating emotional motivation that leads to network sharing and engagement of your customers.

The Don'ts of Using Humor in Content

Humor may be not appropriate for every field or brand. It needs to serve the purpose of your message and the content should control the level and the dosage of the humor you use. Humor in advertising can be interesting, as long as it's not over used. It is also essential to make sure that whatever is "edgy" does not wind up being offending or enters into controversial topics. Do not lose their attention or interest by inserting things that have nothing to do with your core message.

How Companies Use Humor

You do not need huge budgets to create interest and grab your audience’s attention but you must think creatively to add a joke or some humoristic association to your ads or content.

Here are some examples of companies who may not have huge amounts of money for marketing budgets like their giant competitors. Instead, all of them use humor to get attention and attract their target audience.

A Great Example is The Video of "Dollar Shave Club:"

This is a video that went viral and grabbed lots of attention. Today, they have more than 25M of views and 8,453 comments.

Our Blades Are F***ing Great:

How can we explain the huge success of a video that went viral and brought 12,000 orders within two days of its launch? The explanation is as simple as the way they conveyed their message in the video. They used the “KISS” principle and they used the key rule #1: they combined humor with the brand message. They even used the company’s CEO as the main actor, who played in a humorous way.

Other Good Examples:

Funniest Law Firm Commercial:

HSBC Funny Culture ads:

“KISS” stands for “Keep it Simple and Stupid” or in another variation “Keep It Short and Simple.” Usually copywriters and marketing managers keep the KISS concept in their mind when creating their messages and content whether they they are writing a blog, a slogan, an email, a video script or any other marketing content purpose.

“KISS” is always a winning strategy as it doesn't cost a lot of money, there’s less room for error, and more people around the world probably will understand your message.

Using humor is a great tool especially in business as it opens hearts, softens blocked places and attracts the eyes & ears of your audience. Above all, don’t forget the safest way in marketing- “KISS".

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